RISEbio Students 2022

Members of the Bacteria and Disease research stream led by Dr. Yongtao Zhu. From left to right: Graduate Assistant Seada Sloboda, James Hawco, Jake Lohn, Nikita Damyan, Losel Baro, Zhelah Guzeh and Peer Mentor Emily Schmidtbauer
Members of the Biochemistry research stream led by Dr. Samantha Katner. From left to right: Maija Carriveau, Megan Tobias, Peer Mentor Emilie Greene, and Kendall Young
Members of the Brain and Behavior research stream led by Dr. Rachel Cohen. From left to right: Jaxson Karline, Peer Mentor Taylor Grossen, Corvus Murphy, Graduate Assistant Quentin Phillips, Alison Crandell, Spencer Harstad and Brooke Andel.